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Domains of Identity: Understanding Identity Systems in Contemporary Society

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The presentation will expand on the concept of Kaliya Young's upcoming book by the same name, which articulates the 16 Domains of Identity in order to understand all the different contexts where identity transactions happen in society.

Discussions of identity management are often confusing; enumerating these domains and describing their characteristics clarifies which problems arise and how they can be solved within each domain.

Who owns our digital identity? Is ownership even a relevant concept here? Who controls our digital identity (or pieces of it)? What is the correct relationship between the individual, the state, and private actors and organizations, with respect to one’s identity? What do emerging technical architectures do to potentially create alignment? What identity is required to get identity documents? Kaliya Young guides us through these and other questions we need to be asking to solve our society’s complex identity challenges.

Domains of Identity is available now to purchase online.

Kaliya Young is an expert in self-sovereign identity and identity on the blockchain. She is the co-author of a Comprehensive guide to Self-Sovereign Identity and is widely known as Identity Woman (its also the name of her blog and her twitter handle). She is committed her life to the development of an open standards based layer of the internet that empowers people.

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    Kaliya Young Principle @ Identity Woman

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