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Emerging Strategies to Fight Digital Identity Fraud

About this event

With eight out of ten fraudulent identities created online, the threat of digital identity fraud has never been more real. This expert panel, kindly sponsored by Boku, will unpack the latest initiatives in preventing digital identity fraud, with a focus on:

  • Latest trends in digital and online fraud.
  • Strategies for countering the rise of fraud such as synthetic IDs, account takeover, phishing, and SIM Swapping.
  • Leveraging Digital ID as part of a solution to verify identity.

This webinar is sponsored by Boku.

Joni Brennan, President, Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), Canada

Joni Brennan is President of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC). Building on 15+ years of experience in Identity Access Management innovation, adoption, and industry standards development, Joni helps the DIACC to fulfill its vision delivering the resources needed to establish a digital identity ecosystem that accelerates the digital economy, grows Canada's GDP and benefits all Canadians. Before joining DIACC Joni was Kantara Initiative's Executive Director driving programs for business, legal, and technology interoperability to connect entities and individuals in a more trustworthy environment. Joni helped to ensure that Kantara Initiative program is aligned with multiple eGovernment strategies from economic regions including: Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Michael Timoney, Vice President for Secure Payments, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, US

Mike Timoney is Vice President for Secure Payments at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Mike has responsibility to understand the payments and fraud landscape and identify areas where security must be improved. Mike is responsible to design, develop, and implement key elements of the Fed’s strategy for payment security with initial focus on efforts related to fraud definitions and improving fraud data, and research into fraud, cyber threats, and emerging technologies. He also contributes to opportunities for collaboration with the payments industry. Mike joined the Boston Fed in 2019 from Bank of America where he served as head of global card and comprehensive payables fraud. Mike holds degrees from The University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Stuart Neal, Chief Business Officer, Boku, UK

Stuart was CFO of Boku from June 2017 to October 2019 before moving into the new role as Chief Business Officer. Prior to re-joining Boku in 2017, Stuart was advising new technology ventures, bringing to market cutting edge technology in AI Machine Learning, Crypto Currency and Blockchain. Previously, he was Chief Commercial Officer at Vocalink Zapp (acquired by Mastercard), building distribution channels and creating merchant demand for their Pay by Bank App product. Stuart was also Commercial Director at Barclaycard, Europe’s second largest card acquirer, where he oversaw the roll out of contactless payments across the UK market. He has held senior Commercial and Finance positions within a number of blue chip corporations including GlaxoSmithKline, Worldcom and Virgin Media.

Nick Mothershaw, Chief Executive Director, Open Identity Exchange, UK

Nick is Chair and Chief Executive director of the Open Identity Exchange, a member’s organisation whose goal is to make it easier for consumers, organisations and things to trust each other when interacting online. Nick is also programme manager and consultant to the TISA Digital ID Project, which is creating a trust scheme to allow financial services firms use a Digital ID as proof of ID for Know Your Customer purposes. Nick was previously Director of ID and Fraud solutions at Experian where he was responsible for the strategic development of Experian’s fraud and identity solutions for both the public and private sectors. Nick led Experian’s development, launch and operation of a full “Identity as a Service solution”, which included ID proofing to a defined Level of Assurance and strong credential management.

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  • Guest speaker
    Stuart Neal Chief Business Officer @ Boku

  • Guest speaker
    Joni Brennan President @ Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Timoney Vice President - Secure Payments @ Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

  • Guest speaker
    Nick Mothershaw Chief Executive Director @ Open Identity Exchange

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