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Essential Ingredients for Effective Onboarding

About this event

With over 40% of new customers reportedly abandoning onboarding after 20 minutes, organisations are constantly looking for new ways to improve the process. This panel, kindly sponsored by Innovatrics, will explore how individuals can be seamlessly verified and securely enrolled into digital identity systems, opening up access to a whole world of services in banking, leisure, education, healthcare and other industries.

This session will cover:

  • Solutions for onboarding new customers remotely.
  • The potential use of biometrics in onboarding.
  • The importance of liveness detection

This webinar is sponsored by Innovatrics.

Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initative, UK

Colin Wallis is the Executive Director of the Kantara Initiative, the global ‘commons’ non-profit consortium passionate about giving control of personal data back to people, through industry innovation, standardization and good practice. Attracting established and emerging organizations, governments and individuals to its open collaborative ethos, Kantara operates Trust Frameworks to assess and assure digital identity and privacy solution service providers. Colin's combined public and private sector background in online identity and privacy builds on 15 years of contribution to international standards and consortia, Colin maintains leadership positions in OECD ITAC and ISO SC27 in topics around digital Trust, Privacy and Identity.

Maria Khan, Future Initiatives Product Owner, Digital Banking & Transformation, Royal Bank of Scotland, UK

Maria is a Senior Product Owner in NatWest Group, focused on leading Innovation and Transformation projects within the Personal Bank. Currently leading on intelligent use-cases of AI for customer on-boarding. Maria has also led the transformational new account opening journey using a selfie for the Bank, which brought down time taken to open an account to 10 minutes.

Harry Weber-Brown, Digital Innovation Director, The Investment & Savings Alliance (TISA), UK

Harry Weber-Brown is the Digital Innovation Director for TISA which includes managing a Digital Identity project for consumers of financial services products, which includes many of the High Street Banks, Identity Providers and a range of other financial services. He has also managed identity projects including a European Commission funded project that focused on opening bank accounts across European borders, using Digital Identity, delivered through the eIDAS framework.

Bryn Robinson-Morgan, Vice President, Digital Identity, Mastercard, UK

Bryn Robinson-Morgan has worked at the forefront of digital transformation and consumer led innovation for over 20 years. He is a key influencer for how people transact and interact in the digital age. He has redefined the customer experience for trusted interactions; helping major organisations evolve their customer architectures though the use of digital identity. Bryn was responsible for the launch of citizen digital identity services with leading brands in the UK and now uses that experience to make a globally interoperable service a reality. Bryn is a key voice in the establishment of a trusted identity frameworks for public and private sectors.

Peter Martis, Director of Global Sales, Innovatrics, Slovakia

Peter Martis is responsible for the Global Sales and Channel Management at Innovatrics. With an ever growing product portfolio, the go-to-market strategy for different verticals rests on Peter's shoulders. With a consistent revenue growth being a priority, Peter and his team maintain the momentum of Innovatrics in all major regions by hiring local talents and opening up new offices. Prior to Innovatics, Peter worked for Nuance, Genesys and Siemens, focusing on sales engineering and business development of voice biometrics and contact centers solution. While working at Nuance, Peter was instrumental in deploying 12 large-scale voice biometrics project in the Central European region. Peter holds a degree in Computer Science from the Slovak Technical University. 

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Peter Martis Director of Global Sales @ Innovatrics

  • Guest speaker
    Maria Khan Future Initiatives Product Owner @ Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Guest speaker
    Bryn Robinson-Morgan Vice President, Digital Identity @ Mastercard

  • Guest speaker
    Colin Wallis Executive Director @ Kantara Initiative

  • Guest speaker
    Harry Weber-Brown Digital Innovation Director @ The Investment and Saving Alliance (TISA)

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