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Establishing Identity: Innovation in Digital Identity Enrolment

About this event

Getting enrolment right is the cornerstone of any secure identity programme. But it is not without its challenges, especially in terms of identity assurance, system security and information accuracy. New technological approaches are now emerging to help government digitise the process of establishing and verifying identity. This expert panel, kindly sponsored by WorldReach Software, will consider:

  • How mobile technology can shape the future of enrolment.
  • Innovative and remote ways to enrol tomorrow’s travellers.
  • Intelligent data capture techniques

Mark Erlich, Head of eID Department, Estonian Information System Authority, Estonia

Mark Erlich has more than 15 years of competence in electronic identity, digital signatures and related technical solutions. His career has involved him both in technical and legal tasks. Since 2010 has Mark been working for Information System Authority. This authority has responsibility for public sector IT security and fundamental components of e-Government in Estonia. Mark’s current position at Estonian Information System Authority is a Director of Electronic Identity Department. This department is responsible for electronic identity architecture and strategical management, digital signature software and related web-services.

Richard Rinkens, Coordinator for Biometrics, Interoperability and Information Technology, European Commission, Belgium

After implementing the Biometric Matching System (BMS) for the Visa Information System (VIS), he worked on a variety of strategic ideas and concepts involving biometrics and identity management such as the Smart Borders initiative, the SIS AFIS, the Schengen Masterlist, the Entry Exit System and the European Travel Information and Authorisation System and modernising and harmonising the European identity cards. He was involved in the Interoperability programme from the start. He is now involved in Police cooperation and information exchanges such as Prüm and API/PNR. Richard has an academic background in electronics, informatics and artificial intelligence.

Gordon Wilson, CEO and President, WorldReach Software, Canada

Gordon Wilson has been in the Information Technology industry for more than 30 years. He has considerable experience working with governments tasked with issues related to international travel, customs & border services, immigration, passport issuance, foreign affairs and consular operations. Since 1998, Mr. Wilson has overseen the creation and growth of WorldReach Software as a leading international company enabling secure on-boarding and highly trusted digital services, using innovative processes and technology to verify you are who you say you are. Mr. Wilson is the company’s lead representative for associations aligned with border control and travel facilitation.

This Webinar is sponsored by WorldReach Software.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Erlich Head of eID Department @ Estonian Information System Authority

  • Guest speaker
    Gordon WIlson President and CEO @ WorldReach Software

  • Guest speaker
    Richard Rinkens Coordinator for Biometrics, Interoperability and Information Technology @ European Commission

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