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The world finds itself in a time of great uncertainty and unprecedented change, with life having been turned upside down. Working from home has become the new normal, domestic travel has become the exception, international travel a rarity. Privacy and rights are being increasingly challenged. Across the world, governments and corporations are grappling with issues such as population management, dispersal of benefits, IT security and considering how we can finally exit from citizen lockdown strategies. Maybe the world will emerge with a very different mindset...

The identity community has a critical role to play in many of these issues, and the Festival of Identity is a new, positive and exciting virtual platform that will serve the whole identity community. 

Launching on 4th May, the Festival will feature a regular stream of high-quality content, and in this launch session we will be joined by a number of industry-leading experts to discuss The identity landscape: COVID-19 changes everything.

Steve Wilson, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research will be delivering a presentation titled 'What do you not need to know?' A temporary relaxation of privacy norms might be warranted to help combat the spread of COVID19. Contact tracing is a particularly important tool for finding out where people might have contracted the virus and conversely, alerting members of the public who might be at risk after encountering an infected person. Some governments are trying to hoover up cell phone location data and mine it for COVID-19 contacts. Others are trying more privacy-sensitive techniques involving special new smart phone apps which keep the personal data local.

What is the role of digital identity in all this? Can new decentralised identity technologies help the cause? Steve will take a technology-neutral look at the tensions in privacy and identity management, contrasting the roles of technologies and rules, and showing that above all, the less we know about people, the better. 

Arwen Smit, Author, Identity Reboot will be speaking on 'The New Social Contract'. A presentation exploring the global wave of contact tracing apps and changing governmental privacy expectations, analysing real case studies and looking ahead on what this all might mean for the relationship between citizen and state.

And Sanjay Dharwadker, Consultant to the United Nations will be speaking on 'Coronavirus and the soft landing after'. As the world prepares to open up after the Coronavirus lockdown, normalizing international air travel will be a challenging task, not only for the sheer magnitude of the logistics, but also how 193 nations will coherently agree to an immediate future course of action.

Fortunately, there are covenants in place, like the Chicago Convention of the ICAO, that provide the necessary starting points. At the same time, it is also anticipated that we might wake up in an entirely different world. At stake will be how billions of individuals get back to business, new norms of security and screening, and most significantly, our prime humanitarian values. Sanjay endeavours to explore the possibilities.

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  • Guest speaker
    Arwen Smit Author @ Identity Reboot

  • Guest speaker
    Sanjay Dharwadker Consultant to the United Nations

  • Guest speaker
    Steve Wilson Vice President and Principal Analyst @ Constellation Research

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