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Passport Fraud Trends and Ways to Combat Them

About this event

Document fraud, specifically the counterfeiting and forgery of travel documents such as passports, represents a significant threat to everything from personal identity to national security.

The consequences of illegally modified or reproduced travel documents are many and varied. From reputational damage to the issuing country and document manufacturer, to the numerous onward possibilities, such as financial crime and terrorism, the creation and use of false travel papers can have an impact that goes far beyond personal inconvenience.

The good news is that issuing authorities now have access to a greater arsenal of deterrents and countermeasures than they ever have before. Today, passports can be equipped with a range of security features that would have been all but impossible to employ just a few decades ago. From biometric chips to optical features for security paper and polycarbonate, continual innovation in document components has created a plethora of ways to prevent or highlight illicit imitation or modification.

This Festival of Identity webinar – presented in association with the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) – will bring together a range of experts to explore current passport fraud trends and look at some of the solutions and techniques on offer to help combat them.

Underpinning the webinar, is the launch of an in-depth SIA report into this subject. Two versions of the report are available – a public facing version and a more in-depth version for issuing and law enforcement authorities only.

  • From opening bank accounts to human trafficking and terrorism, this webinar explores the big picture surrounding the impact of passport fraud.
  • The webinar will also examine the main types of document fraud being seen across the world today (new and innovative schematics will be presented) and explore some of the technical solutions available that could help issuing authorities and law enforcement agencies keep one step ahead.
  • Get access to an in-depth report from the Secure Identity Alliance’s Document Security Working Group.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Joachim Caillosse Document Security Workgroup, Secure Identity Alliance

  • Team member
    M Hassan Chair @ Identity Week Asia

  • Guest speaker
    PO G
    Pierre Orszag Head of Sovereign Documents @ Agence nationale des titres sécurisés (A.N.T.S)

  • Guest speaker
    Joel Zlotnick Physical Scientist @ U.S. Department of State, Counterfeit Deterrence Laboratory

  • Guest speaker
    SK G
    Silvia Kolligs-Tuffery Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission

  • Guest speaker
    DM G
    Didier Martin Division de l'Expertise en Fraude Documentaire et à l'Identité, French Ministry of the Interior

  • Guest speaker
    Malik Alibegovic Interpol, Counterfeit Currency & Security Documents Branch

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