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Post COVID-19: Redefining the Air Passenger Journey

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The aviation industry is experiencing unprecedented times in today's COVID-19 pandemic world. How will the passenger’s journey change and how will airports adapt to changing passenger needs? In this presentation, we outline these new challenges and explore how NEC’s cloud-based biometrics, computer vision, AI and identity management can be deployed quickly and cost effectively in order to improve on previous levels of passenger experience.

Richard Wilks, Director EMEA, Global Aviation, Advanced Recognition Systems Divison, NEC Corporation of America, UK

Richard Wilks has over 12 years of experience in the field of aviation and holds the position of Director EMEA for NEC’s Advanced Recognition Systems (ARS) - Global Aviation business, advising airports and airlines in the field of identity management, video analytics and biometrics. Based in London his current activities include the deployment of Star Alliance’s frequent flyer biometric service at their major airport hubs. Prior to this Richard was Director of Transportation for NEC Display Solutions, working in a global role delivering expertise to airports in the use of digital display technology to improve operational efficiency and passenger experience. 

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    Richard Wilks Director EMEA, Global Aviation @ NEC Corporation of America

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