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The Developing Role of Identity in Open Banking

About this event

The era of open banking is upon us, but with the concept driving rapid data sharing between organisations, protecting identity remains paramount. Our international panel, kindly sponsored by Mitek Systems, will provide perspectives on:

  • The role of frameworks such as EU GDPR and Australia’s Consumer Data Right in protecting customer data in the context on open banking.
  • The potential for open banking to transform strong customer authentication and the fight against financial crime ecosystem.
  • The impact of open banking on the overall identity

Joe Bloemendaal, Head of Strategy, Mitek Systems, Netherlands

For over 15 years Joe has run sales teams and has loved being responsible for the business development in technology companies. Twice in his career, Joe has joined founding teams in companies’ early stages, remaining there until they were acquired. He is an entrepreneur at heart, and enjoyed building them from local to international organisations. Currently Joe is using his experience and expertise to help Mitek and their clients use technology to succeed in the digital identity sector. Joe would like to meet anyone who works with identity technology - people who are interested in developing interoperable self-sovereign identity services, and care about protecting personal data. He believes the true potential of the Internet will only be unlocked if we can trust people online in the same way that we can trust them offline.

Andrew Churchill, ID & Security Consultant, Author of British Standard in Digital Identification and Strong Customer Authentication, UK

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience working in security within government, industry and academia, particularly focused on cyber security and financial crime. He has led the UK cyber-crime task force and coordinated security technology requirements for Her Majesty’s Government, acted as UK subject matter expert on an EU Cyber-Crime and Terrorism programme, chaired the governing Conservative Technology Forum, led UK Open Banking‘s threat assessment exercise, and participated on the Federal Reserve’s Secure Payments Task Force, inter alia. In addition to his consultancy work, he is lead author of the British Standards Institution’s ‘Digital Identification & Authentication Code of Practice’ PAS 499 and currently sits on a wide range of public and private sector groups on Financial crime, security standards and innovation.

Victoria Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, Australian Payments Network, Australia

Victoria has been working with payment and identity technologies for over 20 years. She has advised a range of organisations, from start-ups to major banks, on the business implications of emerging payment and identity technologies. She is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Australian Payments Network Limited (AusPayNet), the self-regulatory body set up by the payments industry to improve the safety, reliability, equity, convenience and efficiency of the Australian payments system. A key part of Victoria’s role involves shaping the future direction of the payments industry through her work with the Australian Payments Council, for which AusPayNet provides subject matter expertise and secretariat support.

Paul Rodgers, Member of the UK Payments Systems Regulator Panel & Chairman, Vendorcom, UK

Paul is Chairman & Founder of European payments community, Vendorcom; European Evangelist at the World Wide Web Consortium for the Payments Sector; a member of the UK Payments Systems Regulator Panel, sits on the FCA’s SCA Monitoring Forum and has recently been appointed to the UK Finance SCA PMO Steering Group. He is passionate about the payments industry and the benefits to be gained by driving innovation through collaboration. His work with Vendorcom ensures that all stakeholders in the industry are connected and have access to authoritative, independent information on strategic & innovative developments, standards, regulation, and market opportunities. Paul is recognised for his broad perspective on industry matters as well as his independence, authority, and pragmatism in dealing with the increasingly complex change that both merchants and solutions suppliers face.

This webinar is sponsored by Mitek Systems.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Joe Bloemendaal Head of Strategy @ Mitek Systems

  • Guest speaker
    Victoria Richardson Chief Strategy Officer @ Australian Payments Network

  • Guest speaker
    Paul Rodgers Chairman @ Vendorcom

  • Guest speaker
    Andrew Churchill ID & Security Consultant @ Author of British Standard in Digital Identification & Strong Customer Authentication

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