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Scouting players matching your team’s tactical plan and playing style

About this webinar

Two football players may play in the same position, but their tasks and duties during matches might be completely different. For example, Internazionale manager Luciano Spalletti instructs his wingers to run down the flanks and cross the ball into the box, whereas Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp expects them to cut inside and attempt to shoot. Traditional football statistics provide an overall impression of a player’s general level, but they often fail to provide deep insights into a player’s style of play, which is essential for scouting and recruitment purposes. Grab the opportunity to learn and explore how we found a solution to bridge this gap by signing up for our upcoming webinar.

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    Giels Brouwer Founder & CIO @ SciSports

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    Jakko Slot

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    Jan Van Haaren Head of Data & Analytics @ SciSports


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