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Delivering Digital Transformation and Maintaining Operational Excellence

About this webinar

Many businesses have had to accelerate the transition to a digital future, but where do you start and how do you measure success? A successful digital transformation requires investments in technologies, people and processes that drive business value. Success also requires effective governance and clear visibility of the business.

Join our upcoming panel webinar with Simon Chapman, Head Of Solutions Engineering at Scoro, Colleen Kelley Managing Director at Stratford Managers, Marija Kiric Sr. Director, Operations at sgsco and Patricia Travanti, Project Manager at Mallol Arquitectos as they provide insight into their journey through digital transformation and discuss:

  • How to get started and replan, prioritize and focus on maintaining growth.
  • How to effectively manage change for your teams and avoid the ‘big brother’ feeling, through enabling connection and collaboration.
  • What does the ‘new world’ look like, and how can you forecast in a much more efficient manner and be agile.

About the speakers

Colleen is the Managing Director at Stratford Managers. She is an experienced Board Director, executive and leader, with over 30 years of experience in strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and accelerating companies to scale. Having led several organizations through major transformations, Colleen excels in helping organizations articulate vision, foster culture amidst chaos, build infrastructure, reach improved financial performance, and make the many difficult decisions that accompany growth and change

Patricia is a Venezuelan Architect with a Master Degree from La Sapienza University and École Nationale Superior d´Architecture Paris Val de Seine. She has over 10 years of professional experience in design and management of various project scales and uses in many countries across Latin America. She has contributed to the success of many cross-border projects by implementing creative and innovative solutions with limited time and resources.

She’s currently the Coordination Leader of the Architecture Direction at Mallol Arquitectos, the most important firm in Central America based in Panama.

Simon Chapman - Head Of Solution Engineering, Over 20 years experience working at KPMG, Salesforce, SugarCRM and Acquia with international organisations specialising in CRM, digital transformation and business process management. Leads our Solution Engineering team at Scoro delivering high-value solutions across many verticals, specialising in creative agencies, education, government and accountancy.

Marija is the Sr. Director of Global Operations of Design & Digital at sgsco. With 15+ years of Agency experience she has worked with clients across many industries, leading her team to deliver compelling communications to convert consumers and solve the client’s business problems. With these experiences, her focus has shifted to ensuring that sgsco has the tools, technology, infrastructure and support systems in place to consistently deliver for clients’ brands on a Global scale.

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    Simon Chapman

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    Patricia Travanti Project Manager @ Mallol Arquitectos

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    Marija Kiric Sr. Director, Operations @ sgsco

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    Colleen Kelley Managing Director @ Stratford Managers


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