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The importance of CDT IFCC, standardised and specific marker for chronic heavy alcohol consumption

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Dear participants,

This webinar aims to outline the importance of CDT (Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin) as a marker of chronic alcohol abuse,

During this webinar Mr Jean Deenmamode, IFCC CDT Working Group Chair , will give a lecture on CDT IFCC as a unique standardised and specific marker for chronic heavy alcohol consumption.

Some examples of CDT implementation will be shown as well.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jean Deenmamode CDT Working Group Chair @ IFCC

  • Team member
    Sébastien Sammut Sales Area Manager @ Sebia

  • Guest speaker
    VR G
    Viktor Romasenko General Director @ Dialog Diagnostics

  • Team member
    Wafa Herzallah

  • Guest speaker
    OO G
    Ostap Ostap Translator @ TaTCenter

  • Team member
    Raphael Kech Global Product Manager @ Sebia


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