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Fire safety in ventilated façades and the the Leap-Frog effect

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Securo would like to invite you to a webinar about how to stop fire spread in ventilated façades with Firebreather Cavity Barrier.

In the webinar we will explain why fires in ventilated façade are so dangerous, how to use our products and technology for superior protection of ventilated façades and how you can use our cavity barrier to compartmentalize your façade.

So, sign up if you want to learn more about the best solutions in the market for passive fire safe façades.

Our Firebreather™ technology is a patented concept for the development of passive ventilation grilles and cavity barriers with the unique feature of blocking the spread of flames, heat and embers instantly in case of fire.

If you have questions about the content of the webinar, please contact Sales manager Tronn Røtvoll by email

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    Tronn Rotvoll Sales manager @ Securo AS

Securo AS

Securo produces fire-resistant air vents based on the renowned Firebreather® technology.