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Maximize Space and Sustainability: Discover the advantages of narrow facade construction with Firebreather® Cavity Barriers

About this event

Join us for a webinar that explores the innovative world of narrow facade construction and the transformative benefits of Firebreather® Cavity Barriers. In today’s urban landscape, optimizing space while adhering to sustainable building practices is more important than ever. This session is designed to unveil how the cutting-edge design of Firebreather® Cavity Barriers, with widths ranging from 20 mm to 50 mm, can be a game-changer for your construction projects.

What you will learn:

Space Efficiency: Understand how narrow facade construction allows for the maximization of useable space within limited urban footprints, making it possible to construct more units or provide additional amenities.

Sustainable Development: Dive into how choosing narrower facades with Firebreather® Cavity Barriers contributes to sustainability goals by promoting energy efficiency, minimizing material use, and reducing the overall ecological footprint of your projects.

Cost-Effectiveness: Analyze the economic benefits of narrow facade construction, from the potential for reduced material costs to long-term savings on energy expenses.

We look forward to welcoming you to an enlightening discussion on the future of facade construction.

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    Tronn Rotvoll Sales manager @ Securo AS

Securo AS

Securo produces fire-resistant air vents based on the renowned Firebreather® technology.