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3 Frameworks for Intentional Storytelling with Park Howell

About this webinar

Are the stories you are telling on social media coming through as you intend, or do they fall flat with your audience, failing to create meaningful connections? 🤔

There’s an art to effective storytelling, and we have one of the best mentors on the topic, hosting a webinar with us on Wednesday, May 15th.

During the session, you’ll learn about story structure, and how YOU can clarify your stories to amplify your impact and literally simplify your life on social media.

Park shares these 3 storytelling frameworks that will help you on your way of becoming an intentional storyteller:

  • The "And, But, Therefore"
  • The 5 primal elements of story
  • The 10-step story cycle system

P.S. Make sure to attend and stick to the end of the webinar as Park will be giving away some of his best content tools for free to the most engaged participants! 🎁

Park Howell is an esteemed business story strategist and keynote speaker. Park is also a host of the widely popular Business of Story podcast featuring authors, screenwriters, makers, content marketers and brand raconteurs who will reignite your one true superpower: storytelling. 

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    Sendible helps agencies tell their clients’ stories on social media. We are on a mission to gear you up with all tools and knowledge necessary so you can grow your agency or brand with the help of smart, efficient and inspiring social media marketing.

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    Park Howell Keynote Speaker & Podcast Host

    Helping global brands live into their most powerful purpose-driven story and prosper. Founder of @BusinessofStory, #Speaker, #TEDxGilbert, #Podcast host


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