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Introducing 3D Leak Detection

About this event

In this webinar we will be introducing our latest and newly patented 3D Leak Detection technology. The technology incorporates a 3D sensor to provide volumetric measurement to assess the integrity of a range of pharmaceutical packaging.

The first application of our new 3D technology will be blister packs. We will showcase how individual blister pockets in multiple blister packs can be tested down to 5µm (pack and material dependent), irrelevant of foil type (matt or gloss) or different text patterns.

Join Paul Smith (Managing Director) and Philip Cooper (Head of Technology & New Product Development) and learn how this innovative 3D technology takes non-destructive leak testing of blister packs to a new level.

Featured in this webinar:

  • 3D Technology explained
  • Application of 3D Leak Detection
  • Online Demonstration
  • Q&A to answer any of your questions

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  • Wednesday 2nd December - 10am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Thursday 3rd December - 3pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

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  • Team member
    Philip Cooper Head of Technology and New Product Development @ Sepha Limited

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    Paul Smith Managing Director @ Sepha Ltd

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    Gabine McKeegan Marketing Manager @ Sepha Ltd


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