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Optimize your topical drug formulations with innovative multi compatible excipients

About this event

During this webinar, we will be pleased to discuss and demonstrate how to handle our excipients through video lab sessions with live comments! It will give you access to key learnings for your next topical formulation.

Through the presentation and videos, some concrete case studies will be covered to illustrate how multi compatibility of excipients could help optimize your topical formulation :

  • Compatibilities with components;
  • Compatibilities with formulation process;
  • Compatibilities with packaging;
  • How the versatility and broad compatibility (pH, solvents, oil, equipment,...) can be benefit for your project;
  • Expanded possibilities for all dosage forms: Gel, Cream-gel, O/W emulsion, Geltrap™;

This webinar is intended for formulators and anyone involved in product development or marketing.

Looking forward to talking to you.

Alice Daneshvar

Market manager - Dermo pharmaceutical activity - Pharm.D

Léa Grimault

CTSC - Technical customer support and training manager

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    Alice Daneshvar

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    Léa Grimault Technical customer support and training manager @ Seppic


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