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Enabling Serverless Teams

About this event

Presented by Austen Collins - CEO and Creator of the Serverless Framework

The future of cloud is serverless. The majority of AWS customers are using serverless computing, and overall use has increased 350% since 2019. Is your team ready to take advantage of the cost savings and low overhead?

Create Successful Serverless Development Teams

This webinar is for technical leaders - we'll go over everything you need to know to start off right when building a serverless team, and avoid costly mistakes that can derail your mission critical projects several months after you start scaling people and projects.

What we'll cover:

  • Building re-usable application templates
  • Creating shared development environments
  • Designing stages and promoting to production safely
  • Securing AWS account access and secrets
  • Building CI/CD deployment pipelines
  • ...and live Q&A!

Hosted by

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    Austen Collins CEO/Founder @ Serverless Inc.

    Product-obsessed. Focused on making meaning, business value and novel user experiences. Creator of the Serverless Framework and CEO @ Serverless Inc. We make everything teams need to build and operate serverless applications in the cloud.

Serverless Inc

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