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Getting Started With Serverless Framework

About this event

Getting Started with Serverless Framework

Presented by Gareth McCumskey - Developer Advocate @ Serverless

This Webinar is for developers who are looking for a point of entry with Serverless Framework.

What we'll cover:

  • Quickly getting up and running with a deployed REST API
  • What is Serverless Dashboard?
  • What you'll need to get deployed.
  • Live Q&A!

By the end, you'll have two end points that are production ready and are fully redundant in AWS across three Availability Zones and fully load balanced. Ready to receive the traffic you want to throw at it without the associated bill of infrastructure sitting around waiting to be used.

We also have a great tutorial for new users!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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    Gareth McCumskey

Serverless Inc

Easily develop and monitor auto-scaling applications on AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, etc., with the Serverless Framework and Serverless Monitoring Dashboard.