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Serverless Community Call: May 2022

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Come join us for our community call. We'll have live Q&A!

Introducing Serverless Framework Compose!

We'll be going over all the new features of the newly released Serverless Framework Compose, which enables you to deploy multiple services in one command, in parallel, or ordered by dependencies.

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Serverless Console Early Access

The new Serverless Console reduces the complexity of AWS allowing teams to isolate apps across multiple accounts while still monitoring using a single pane solution.

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WAIR's Serverless Story

Tyler Carter, CTO and co-founder of WAIR and Fit3D, will be sharing their Serverless journey. WAIR helps shoppers order the best fitting clothing for brands including Nike using the world’s largest 3D body dataset.

Tyler will share how Serverless helps them dynamically scale millions of requests for events like Black Friday, and use the Framework to create APIs and power machine learning (ML) Python workloads with AWS Lambda, Amazon Sagemaker, and containers.

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  • Guest speaker
    Tyler Carter CTO @ WAIR

    CTO at

  • Team member
    Austen Collins CEO/Founder @ Serverless Inc.

    Product-obsessed. Focused on making meaning, business value and novel user experiences. Creator of the Serverless Framework and CEO @ Serverless Inc. We make everything teams need to build and operate serverless applications in the cloud.

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    Matthieu Napoli Product Manager, Serverless Framework @ Serverless

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    Gareth McKumskey Developer Advocate @ Serverless

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