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Live Demo - How to Boost Contact Center Performance with Automated Quality Management

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The days of picking 3% of customer-agent interactions and evaluating your whole contact center performance are over. 

Thanks to Conversational Analytics, you can now monitor and analyze 100% of contact center interactions automatically.

By fully automating the process, Automated Quality Management technology provides Call Centers with invaluable insights about agent performance and how to improve it.

So join our Pre-Sales Director going through the features of our Automated Quality Management platform at a live demo. And learn how you can boost your top performers and support your under-performers at your contact center to be 100% efficient.

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    Hilal Bakanay Senior Marketing Specialist @ Sestek

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    Baran Bursaligil Marketing Director @ SESTEK

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    Anil Oztuncer Presales Director @ Sestek


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