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Seamless Agent : The Perfect Collaboration Between Agent and AI

About this webinar

Don't we hate it when machines don't understand what we are trying to say?

Even AI-backed technologies such as chatbots or virtual assistants can stumble when engaging with customers, not being able to guide them towards the right solution. And before it turns into a bad experience, immediate human intervention is vital.

Our "Seamless Agent" solution just does that! It is a real-time supervision tool through which the speech or intent recognition errors or no-match cases are fixed by live agents during interactions. Without customers even notice, the interactions stay seamless.

At this live demo, our Pre-Sales Director will explain in detail the features of our patented solution and how it enables the perfect collaboration between agents and AI for that perfect customer experience.

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    Anil Oztuncer Presales Director @ Sestek

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    Baran Bursaligil Marketing Director @ SESTEK


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