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Tips On Building Smart Chatbots

About this webinar

Today, chatbots are becoming more and more significant part of the customer service world. And at the same time, customers are starting to expect more and more from them. Simple FAQs just won't cut it!

According to recent research, 54% of customers find chatbots "not intelligent and not solution-oriented". More than 63% of them expect "personalized engagement" as a standard of service.

The intelligence of the chatbot relies heavily on the design of the dialog flow. This flow is the brain of the chatbot. This flow is the thin line between an intelligent and not so intelligent chatbot. With the bar set up high, the pressure is on the business units to set up this flow correctly and smartly.

So join us as we go through these details and present some useful tips for you in building smart chatbots. This will not be technical session, but we will underline some important details for customer-facing teams to re-think when using chatbots.

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    Baran Bursaligil Marketing Director @ SESTEK

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    Tulin Ebcioglu Technology Consultant @ SESTEK

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    Anil Oztuncer Presales Director @ Sestek


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