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SESTEK invites you to its webinar

Top5 Tech Trends of 2020

About this webinar

The rise of automation, democratization of technology, conversational technologies, human augmentation and advancement of AI.

These 5 topics will do more than just filling out the headlines in 2020. They will be vital parts of company strategies focusing on growth, efficiency and customer experience. Organizations embracing these technologies faster than competition will enjoy tangible financial benefits in an era of tighter margins.

At this 30-min webinar, our CEO, Prof. Levent Arslan and our Pre-Sales Director Anıl Oztuncer will discuss how these technologies will affect the way companies will be doing business in 2020.

So do not miss our last webinar of the year! See you there.

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  • Team member
    Baran Bursaligil Marketing Manager @ SESTEK

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    AO T
    Anil Oztuncer Presales Director @ Sestek

  • Guest speaker
    LA G
    Levent Arslan CEO @ SESTEK


Conversational AI and Analytics Solutions

At Sestek, we believe in building technologies to increase life quality. With our conversational AI and Analytics solutions, we help companies to be data-driven. This means we help them understand customers better and focus on things to make their lives easier.