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Setlog & Shippeo: A chat about the future of supply chain management

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Disruption and uncertainty have become the new normal for global supply chains. The Ukraine war, an energy crisis and high inflation pose major challenges for supply chain managers in many countries. But what does this mean for companies in the months ahead?

When it comes to financial and operational concerns, a lack of sufficient, reliable transportation/shipping capacity, continued shortages of critical parts or other goods, and uncertainty in customer demand are top of mind.

Rising cost and logistical challenges need to be addressed by innovative supply chain design, contingency planning, and especially flexible technology solutions.

Join our webinar and hear from Niklas Kirwel, President & CEO at Setlog Corp., and Brian Shultz, VP Americas at Shippeo Inc.

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  • Team member
    Niklas Kirwel President & CEO @ Setlog Corp.

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    Bea Pflips Marketing Manager @ Setlog

  • Guest speaker
    Brian Shultz Vice President Americas @ Shippeo Inc.

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    Nora Breuker Marketing Lead @ Setlog GmbH


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