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SevenFifty for Importers & Producers Tour

About this webinar

About this demo: 

Are you an importer, producer, or supplier of wine, beer, or spirits? If so, join SevenFifty's Glenn Lucci as he demonstrates the basic features of SevenFifty for Importers and Producers. 

You'll learn how to: 

Search and browse hundreds of thousands of products in SevenFifty's database to help you identify opportunities within untapped markets.

Create sales collateral with a few clicks. Build custom lists with all your product information to create market-specific sales materials, follow-up with sales reps, and track items you present during market visits.

Suggest edits and updates to your products' descriptions and control how your brand appears on SevenFifty.

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    Adam Van Fossen Marketing @ SevenFifty


SevenFifty connects the beverage alcohol industry with a simple and powerful platform that helps distributors and buyers interact.