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WEBINAR SnB2022 - Design and analysis of COVID vaccine trials: the familiar and the strange

About this event

Design and analysis of COVID vaccine trials: the familiar and the strange

Organized by the SnB2022 Conference powered by the french society of statistics, this webinar is the first step of our the 9th statistics and biopharmacy Conference which will take place on September 19, 20, 21, 2022 in Paris.

On the program for this webinar :

5:00 pm
  • Stephen Senn will start by giving a general presentation on the trials performed to evaluate COVID19 vaccines, discussing some choices such as sequential approach, 2:1 allocation, frequentist vs Bayesian
  • Including 5 minutes clarification questions
5:30 pm
  • Holly Janes will go deeper on one or two aspects such as choosing appropriate endpoints and long-term-assessment of vaccine efficacy with emergence of new variants
  • Including 5 minutes clarification questions
6:00 pm
  • Discussion together
6:30 pm - The end

Our guests speakers

Stephen Senn, Phd. FRSE, CStat - Consultant Statistician, worked in the pharmaceutical industry, in the National Health Service, further education and medical research, specialized in statistical methods for designing and analysing drug development programmes and clinical trials.

Holly Janes, Dr. Holly Janes is a biostatistician working on the design and analysis of vaccine studies, with a particular expertise in HIV and COVID prevention and vaccine science. She is co-PI of the Statisics and Data Management Center of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network and a key investigator in the newly-formed USG-funded COVID Prevention Network.

What about the 9th statistics and biopharmacy Conference ?

Like this webinar, the Statistics and biopharmacy Conference consists not only of invited and contributed plenary sessions, but also pre-conference courses, poster session and many opportunities to network. SnB offers a great opportunity for statisticians in academia, industry, and government to exchange ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Registrations will open in January !

More details to come on description of pre-conference courses and to get the full SnB program. Meanwhile please find below the scientific topics that will be adressed:

  • Adaptative trials: from Bayesian approaches to reinforcement learning
  • Open, replicable, understandable science
  • Regulatory point of view
  • The data in the data science: integrating heterogeneous data & generating synthetic data
  • Causality, causal inference beyond randomization
  • Flexible modelling, model uncertainty, model specifications
  • High dimensional data
  • Lessons learned from Covid19, Accelerated drug development

We will keep you informed !

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Holly Janes Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

  • Guest speaker
    Stephen Senn Phd. FRSE, CStat - Consultant Statistician

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