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Share911 invites you to their webinar

Share911 Live Product Demo

About this webinar

During this 30-min product demo, we will tell you everything about communication and Share911. We will answer all the questions you may have show you how to use our software to keep employees informed of safety and operational conditions.

You will learn:

How to create notifications with Share911 to inform your employees of operational or safety concerns

How employees can let you know the when they are in danger, need help or safe

How you can alert employees when they need to take immediate action to get safe

How you can keep employees informed during and after a critical event

How to access after-action reports and understand the what happened during a drill or real incident

How to conduct drills and training events with Share911

We will also host a 15 min live Q&A to make sure we answer all your questions. 


Is this for me?

If you are wondering if Share911 would be a good fit, or if you already have a Share911 account and have questions, this is the perfect opportunity.

Hosted by

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    Erik Endress CEO, Co-founder @ Share911


Keep employees informed and your business in business

Looking for the best communication platform for informing your employees of operational disruptions, safety concerns, and the fastest way to alert them when they are in immediate danger? Look no further. We're here to help.