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2022 E-commerce & Shipping Benchmarks, Insights and Trends: Measuring How Your Business Stacks Up

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The growth of e-commerce that skyrocketed in 2020 – and continued into the following year – is still very much the case today in 2022. E-commerce is certainly still on the rise, but in what capacity have things shifted over the past couple of years, and where does your business stand in comparison with these new industry norms?

Join Shippo and Wix as we discuss how the landscape of e-commerce and shipping has changed in a post-pandemic world. We'll take a deep dive into our 2022 E-commerce & Shipping Benchmarks Report and highlight some of the biggest data points we collected over the past year such as:

  • The AOV and shipping spend of different product categories
  • The biggest challenges that e-commerce businesses face today
  • The most recent trends that help merchants sell more, ship better, and stay ahead of the current industry benchmarks

Want to know how your business stacks up to other merchants? Get a bird’s-eye view of the current direction of e-commerce to make strategic decisions for the future of your business.

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    Stephen Fung Senior Manager of Strategy & Operations @ Shippo

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    Bogar Alonso Head of eCommerce Outbound & Thought Leadership @ Wix eCommerce


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