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2023 E-commerce Shipping & Fulfillment Benchmarks: Breaking Down The Latest Industry Norms

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There's no doubt that the record-setting rate of inflation in 2022 rocked the e-commerce industry. However, the landscape is changing. With port congestion down 60% to start the year, Q1 e-commerce sales up 8% year-over-year, and inflation rates dropping every month so far in 2023, there is reason to be hopeful yet again.

New industry norms have been set when it comes to key areas of e-commerce, shipping, and fulfillment, but where does your business stand in comparison to these new benchmarks?

Join Shippo and ShipHero as we discuss the latest trends uncovered in our 2023 E-commerce Shipping and Fulfillment Benchmarks Report. We'll break down some of the biggest findings of the report into actionable takeaways for your business:

  • 37% of U.S. packages are traveling to just 5 states: how this can help you build your shipping and fulfillment strategy/operations
  • 80% of Americans would leave a brand they regularly shop with if they made returns more difficult: how this can help shape your returns policy
  • Shipping label costs have increased by 15% YoY for some sellers, while it has dropped by 19% YoY for others: how to limit shipping costs in the face of rising carrier rates

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  • Guest speaker
    Scott Thomas VP of Fulfillment Sales @ ShipHero

  • Team member
    Ashwath Kirthy Vasan VP Strategy & Operations @ Shippo


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