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Carrier Compliance 101: How to Ship Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) with USPS

About this event

Fully understanding carrier regulations is a crucial responsibility when running an e-commerce business – and it can make or break your ability to ship products to your customers in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way. USPS HAZMAT shipping requirements are no exception, as improperly packaged, undeclared, and mishandled HAZMAT shipments can pose a danger throughout everyone’s supply chain.

Thousands of items could be considered HAZMAT. So whether you’re adding what could be considered hazardous inventory to your product line, or want a refresher on the requirements for products you already ship, this session will provide everything you need to know directly from the USPS experts! Join as the Shippo Carrier Compliance Team hosts USPS HAZMAT shipping experts Mali Gravely and Jennifer Cox to learn:

  • Practical information on USPS HAZMAT shipment requirements
  • Real-life examples of dangers caused by improperly packaged or undeclared HAZMAT shipments
  • Resources for ongoing USPS HAZMAT guidance applicable to your business’s operation

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Jennifer Cox Classification Specialist @ USPS

  • Team member
    TH T
    Tom Hughes Sr. Manager Carrier Partnerships @ Shippo

  • Guest speaker
    Mali Gravely Classification Support Specialist @ USPS

  • Team member
    George Hesse Director, Carrier and Postal Compliance @ Shippo


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