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Navigate Peak Season Shipping the Way Retail 100 Does

About this event

Holiday shopping is in full swing! Tune into our recent discussion with Matthew Hertz of Second Marathon, Kyle Bertin, founder of Two Boxes, and serial e-commerce entrepreneur Aaron Schwartz. This group of experts represents the full spectrum of e-commerce logistics and shares a wealth of knowledge for teams looking to improve operational efficiency at scale.

In this fireside chat, they'll delve into tactics for enhancing your operations throughout peak season, including:

  • Key operational metrics to keep shipping costs in check this season
  • Efficiencies in carrier diversification and 3PL management
  • Effective returns management strategies that improve customer satisfaction

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Nima Elyassi-Rad VP, Global Business Development and Sales @ Shippo

  • Guest speaker
    Matthew Hertz Co-Founder @ Second Marathon

  • Guest speaker
    Aaron Schwartz Commerce Tech Advisor & Coach

  • Guest speaker
    Kyle Bertin Co-Founder & CEO @ Two Boxes


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