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Small Business Roundtable: The Ins & Outs of E-commerce Growth

About this event

What does it take to build, grow, and scale a successful e-commerce business? How are today’s small businesses creating and marketing products, inspiring customer loyalty, and enhancing operations to get orders out the door as swiftly and seamlessly as possible? These are the questions we set out to answer during this roundtable session.

Learn from small business founders Kristen McClellan (SnappyScreen) and Ricardo Trillos (Cao Chocolates) about their e-commerce business journeys, from what inspired their products to how they’re thinking strategically about growth. You'll also hear:

  • Advice from successful founders on launching an e-commerce business
  • Tips for staying on top of peak season order management and shipping
  • Recommendations for overcoming some of the e-commerce industry’s biggest challenges

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    RT G
    Ricardo Trillos Founder @ Cao Chocolates

  • Guest speaker
    KM G
    Kristen McClellan Founder and CEO @ SnappyScreen


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