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Shopee Malaysia invites you to its webinar

Learn more about Paid Ads

About this webinar

Boost your sales on Shopee store through My Ads!

This webinar aims to educate Sellers on how the MyAds works and how the Sellers can benefit from MyAds.

The following topics that will be covered during the session include :

What is MyAds?

  • Keyword Ads - How Does it Work?
  • Keyword Ads - Managing your Ads
  • Keywords Ads - Reviewing your ads performance
  • Targeting Ads - How Does it Work?
  • Targeting Ads - Managing your Ads
  • Targeting Ads - Reviewing your ads performance
  • Checking your transaction details
  • Topping up your Ads account

*Please consider attending Shopee Uni Intermediate class before joining the advance class as you will require the prerequisite knowledge in order to comprehend the session

Shopee Malaysia

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