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Brand building through the power of storytelling

About this webinar

With so many companies competing for attention it can feel like a momentous task to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Fortunately, there are simple ways to get your ideas to catch on without spending on big marketing campaigns. By understanding what makes an idea memorable and why certain messages stick, PR and marketing professionals can leverage the power of word of mouth - getting people to spread ideas 10x more effectively than traditional advertising.

Join Lauren Jane Heller, Director of Communications at Real Ventures, as she explains what makes messages sticky and how to leverage word of mouth to get your ideas to catch on.

Get actionable insights into:

► Crafting memorable and contagious messages

► Harnessing the power of word of mouth

► Using storytelling as a trojan horse for your ideas

Lauren Jane Heller, Director of Communications at Real Ventures, is a passionate storyteller, communicator and connector. She thrives on adding value and impacting change in the world through her ideas and how she presents them. Catapulted into Montreal's tech community in 2014, Lauren Jane hasn't looked back since. Through her work as a community organizer, tech journalist, communications consultant, and her current role at Real Ventures, Lauren strives to inspire and educate others about technology's potential to positively impact the world on a large-scale.

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