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Silva Law / QuickSilva Success Academy invites you to their event

Sales Tips and Tweaks to Fill Your Pipeline and Wallet

About this event

Sales improvement comes from the cumulative impact of small actions taken daily. In this fast-paced program, participants will learn new sales actions and techniques they can apply immediately to increase their referrals and close more sales.

Participants will learn:

  • Techniques to stand out to prospects and referral sources
  • How to guide conversations that turn prospects into clients
  • Two simple changes that can significantly increase the close rate
  • How to easily uncover and erase hidden obstacles to moving prospects and clients forward
  • Their hidden opportunity that will result in substantially more business  

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Doug Fleener CEO @ Silva Law / QuickSilva

    Silva Law / QuickSilva CEO Doug Fleener is a former organizational consultant and international keynote speaker who for sixteen years helped thousands of individuals and businesses to improve their sales performance and customer experience.

Silva Law / QuickSilva Success Academy

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