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How to Build Smart Cities for the Common Good

About this event

Why smart cities? Technologies like autonomous cars, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence seem like they hold remarkable possibilities for the future of cities, but will their impact be positive for all city-dwellers?

Unless we’re deliberate about deploying technology in a way that serves all members of society—even those who cannot afford to pay—the answer is, not necessarily.

Starting with a case study on autonomous cars, join smart city expert Karen Tay as she discusses how we can ensure that the benefits of emerging technologies in smart cities are distributed equally throughout society for the collective gain, and shares ways for both cities and startups to evolve and collaborate in order to maximize public good.

In this webcast you will:

  • Understand some of the biggest challenges facing cities today.
  • See how emerging technologies can either exacerbate or mitigate these obstacles.
  • Consider the potential for working with Governments on building smart cities, and whether governments truly are still stuck in the 19th century.
  • Learn critical frameworks for startups and technologists who are aiming to maximize both public good and revenue.

About Karen Tay

Karen Tay is Singapore’s International Smart Nation Director. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has a track record of creating innovative policies and new functions in the public sector. She profiles Singapore's smart cities work globally, builds strategic relationships with industry, governments and thought leaders, and helps public service organizations understand the potential and risks of emerging technologies and their implications on cities.

Karen is a Princeton-educated policymaker, strategic communicator and organizational transformer, and a member of the Singapore Government’s top leadership corps. Karen is passionate about making sure that technology benefits the widest number of people, and writes about this at www.techandpublicgood.com.

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