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Tomorrow’s Machine Interfaces Will Make Us Superhuman (No Buttons Required) with Jody Medich

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A few decades ago, the first computers were rare and few people could work them. Today, their descendants are as common as wallet and keys, and infinitely more useful.

But how we operate computers hasn’t evolved as fast as what we can do with them.

In Jody Medich’s last Experts on Air: Why Computer Interfaces Are Killing Us—and What to Do About It this past May, she outlined the costly disconnect between how we naturally interact with the world around us and how we interact with our devices.

Join Jody in a follow-up broadcast as she dives into the emerging ecosystem of sensors, AR/VR, robotics and exoskeletons, and artificial intelligence. These technologies will merge to bring about future machine interfaces that feel far more natural, understand our worldly context to better anticipate needs, and as a byproduct, liberate new powers like superstrength, spidey sense, precognition, and supercognition.

Note: This time we’re shaking things up with a new interview format. Expect more conversation and less presentation—and as usual, come armed with questions for Jody!

About Jody Medich

Jody is the Director of Design for SU Labs, where she provides design and innovation direction for corporate, startup and field impact teams. She employs a radical approach to Human Centered Design to create exponential solutions to the world’s toughest problems. She also speaks about Augmented and Virtual Reality for SU.

In her 23-year design career, Jody has created just about everything from holograms to physical products and R&D. Today, she is Director of Design for Singularity University Labs, where she incubates solutions to Global Grand Challenges using exponential technologies. She specializes in the avant garde of technology, covering everything from Artificial Intelligence to Robotics. She’s spent the last 9 years on AR/VR, most notably as Principal Experience Designer on the HoloLens Project at Microsoft and Principal UX at LEAP Motion. She has traveled the world, speaking about the future of these technologies and their impact on the world for groups like WIRED, Google, and TEDx. Previously, she co-founded and directed Kicker Studio, a design consultancy specializing in Natural User Interface, Perceptual Computing, and R&D for companies including Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, and DARPA.

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