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Redesigning Our Cities Will Shift Us from Urban Fragility to Resilience

About this webinar

Cities are key to our surviving the twenty-first century. If we design them right, we just might make it. We get them wrong, and humanity is in deep trouble. The biggest challenges are not just faced by the world´s global cities in advanced economies, but especially in fast-growing urban agglomerations in Africa and Asia where 90% of future population is set to take place. A precondition to moving from fragile to resilient cities in the coming decades is good information.

Join us as we review the global threats to our cities and explore some of the strategies urbanites are deploying to address them. We will explore a Big Data visualization that tracks literally dozens of climate and anthropomorphic risks. In this session you will:

  • Better understand how fragility is affecting thousands of cities, especially in the Global South where most urban population growth is taking place;
  • Explore a number of climate-related challenges facing cities such as drought, rising sea levels, and deforestation;
  • Examine trends in rapid urbanization, migration and political violence in cities around the world; and
  • Review key design principles that can help build cities that both mitigate and adapt to gravest challenges of our era  

About Robert Muggah 
Robert Muggah specializes in cities, security, migration, conflict and new technologies. He co-founded the Igarapé Institute - a think and do tank working on data-driven safety and justice across Latin America and Africa. He also co-founded the SecDev Foundation and Group - groups devoted to cyber-security and stability in the Middle East and Eurasia, and South Asia regions. He is a regular consultant to the UN, IADB, World Bank and several firms ranging from Google to McKinsey. Between 2000-2011 he was research director of the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey. He has authored dozens of peer-reviewed articles and written and edited seven books on cities, arms control, stability operations, refugees, and the rise of digital gangs and cyber cartels. Robert publishes regularly with the Guardian, El Pais, Foreign Affairs, Globe and Mail, o Globo, LA Times, New York Times, Wired and is a speaker at the Global City Expo, Chicago Council, World Economic Forum (Davos), and TED in 2015, 2016 and 2017. He serves on UN Secretary General appointed panels and helps convene a range of international networks, including the Global Parliament of Mayors. Robert received his DPhil from the University of Oxford and teaches in Brazil, Switzerland, the UK and US. 

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  • Guest speaker
    Robert Muggah Co-founder of the Igarap Institute, Secdev Foundation, Group @ Instituto Igarapé

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