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How the Intelligent Home of The Future Will Care For You

About this webinar

Future of Home: How Smart Sensing, Network Intelligence, and Machine Learning Can Transform Our Day-to-Day Life

Have you ever wondered what the future home would look like?

Would you still be turning off your lights ten years from now, or would an AI-powered assistant be smart enough to detect you’re asleep, and automatically dim the lights to a minimum level?

With exponential advancements in sensing, networking, and artificial intelligence, we’re close to a future, where connected home networks would be intelligent enough to analyze day-to-day patterns and take care of our needs.

And it’s not just the networks that would get exponentially intelligent. Advancements in gesture recognition and intelligent voice assistants would pave way for human-like interfaces that would process queries in natural language, and trigger contextual actions in the real world.  

In such a futuristic world, how do you build super-personalised experiences, and manage control and ownership of your data? And more importantly, how do you create distributed networks that are private, secure and resilient to intruder attacks?

Join Chris Arkenberg as he untangles the complexities of a futuristic smart home, and talks about a future, where intelligent sensors, sophisticated network intelligence, and adaptive learning technologies will come together to create an unparalleled smart home experience.

In this webcast, you will:

  • Explore the ongoing trends, challenges, and opportunities in the connected home space

  • Discover the long-term implications of the emerging trends, and how the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning will shift the usability scale from ‘controlling’ devices to ‘caring’ for human needs

  • Learn how intelligent sensing, low touch-point authentication, and predictive modeling will bring down energy costs, optimize turnaround time, and improve feasibility of smart home networks

  • Get acquainted with futuristic interfaces and assistive agents that will be optimized for natural language processing and contextual human-like feedback

  • Analyze the future risks and challenges in the exponentially growing smart home landscape, including the digital divide over data ownership, control, and security

About Chris Arkenberg

Chris Arkenberg is a leading tech-strategist, passionate about the co-evolution of technology and human behavior. He has worked in the product engineering department of companies, like, Adobe Systems and Western Digital, and has been the Research & Strategy Lead at Orange Silicon Valley. He’s a consulting futurist to brands such as the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, Audi AG, CENTRA, IFTF, helping them build strategic objectives and roadmaps around a compelling and credible technology vision.

Chris also teaches Disruptive Technology at the California College of Arts, and holds a place in the CTO advisory board of The Nature Conservancy.

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