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Why The Most Successful Future Learners Will Need Inventive Resilience

About this webinar

Discover How Future Learning Will be Driven by 
Reinvention, Experimentation, and Exploration

With access to information now ubiquitous through the power of Internet, learning is no longer a function of one-time knowledge or skill acquisition. The challenge today is to constantly stay in touch with the evolving trends, and develop core skills to match the varying demands of each industry. Unfortunately, our education systems are not prepared to handle the paradigm shift that is being brought forth by the fourth industrial revolution. 

As we ask the vital questions about how to remain relevant, learn, and teach in this world, what if we wildly imagined the ways we can retool and leverage our existing education system for progress?

Join Brett Schilke, as he navigates through the different learning challenges we’ll face in a rapidly changing world, and talks about a future, where social and technological trends would merge with educational systems to match the need for dynamic, creative jobs.

Brett has worked with dozens of education systems, governments, and NGOs around the world, and he’ll be drawing real-life examples to envision future learning models.

In this webcast, you will:

  • Acquire broad understanding of the structural shifts in the society, and how they affect teaching and learning patterns across the globe

  • Discover varied approaches to innovative learning, and explore the role of exponential technologies in bridging the inherent knowledge gaps

  • Learn how to adapt inventive resilience as the model for future readiness, and stay relevant in changing times

  • Be inspired to reframe learning challenges through discovery, experimentation, and exploration

  • Analyse long-term implications of the current social and technology trends on education, and get valuable insights on how to stay ahead of the curve

About Brett Schilke

Brett Schilke is the Director of Impact at Singularity University, leading educational initiatives that connect, support and celebrate a global ecosystem spanning over 100 countries. As former co-founder & CEO of the educational development company IDEAco, Brett launched the City X Project, an innovation, and problem-solving curriculum for kids which is now used in over 75 countries (and in space!). He has also designed future-focused learning experiences for GEMS Education, the United States Congress, and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education.

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