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The Future of Work: Vision & Strategies for Abundance

About this event

Exponential technologies have ripple effects that are dramatically changing the world of work. Yet too much of the popular focus on the future of work has been on the disruption of human work by robots and AI. There are effective strategies we can follow today to ensure that individuals, organizations, communities and countries can all thrive during this transition. And those same exponential technologies can also be used to transform us as workers, helping us to solve the problems of tomorrow.

In this session, you’ll learn:

- How exponential technologies are unbundling the world of work.

- What work really is, and the roles of people and technology in work.

- A vision for a future of abundance in work.

- Adaptive strategies for individuals, organizations, communities, and countries.

Gary A. Bolles is a 35-year Silicon Valley veteran who serves as Singularity University’s Chair for the Future of Work. As a partner in Charrette LLC, he helps organizations and agencies with actionable strategies for the new world of work. And he is the co-founder of eParachute.com, which creates online tools inspired by “What Color Is Your Parachute?”, the world’s enduring career manual.

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