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Beyond the Hype of IOT: How to Leverage It For Your Business Now

About this event

In the last few years, IoT hype has been deafening. We’ve been bombarded by a barrage of technology messages and predictions, such as billions of devices getting connected and the creation of trillions of dollars of economic value. While all true, IoT is not really about those things. It is about thousands of organizations that already use IoT to optimize their operations, introduce new business models and create new revenue streams. 
In this talk, the Maciej will cut through the hype to show the reality of IoT today. You will learn:
- Why IoT is the most important technology and market transition since the Internet itself
-How to take the first steps on the IoT journey to transform businesses, industries and
-What best practices are required, common mistakes to avoid, and barriers to overcome 
in launching IoT projects
-An eight-part recipe for success, including change-management and process integration imperatives, that has been proven to work in most any industry
-Four fast paths to quick payback illuminated by case studies in multiple industries

About Maciej 
Maciej Kranz brings 30 years of computer networking industry experience to his position as Vice President of Strategic Innovation at Cisco. He leads the group focused on incubating new businesses, accelerating internal innovation, and driving co-innovation with customers and startups through a global network of Cisco Innovation Centers. Prior to this role, he was general manager of Cisco’s Connected Industries Group, where he drove IoT business for key industrial markets.
In his New York Times bestselling book, Building the Internet of Things, Kranz offers practical advice to business decision makers on how and why to implement IoT today. More Iot insights are shared in his newsletter and leadership network

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