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What Happens When Our Brains Merge With Computers

About this webinar

Discover How Future Brain Machine Interface Technology May Transform Us

How could we be communicating with each other, ten years from now?

Will we still be using low-bandwidth cognitive abilities to transmit information, or will we be able to hack evolution, and merge with computers to access unlimited bandwidth and processing power?

Join Nathana Sharma, as she walks us through exponential advancements in brain-machine interfaces, and talks about a future, where humans would be able to communicate through their brains, and experience a higher form of consciousness.

In this webcast, you will:

  • Explore the ongoing developments in brain-machine interfaces, and understand their effectiveness in enhancing cognitive abilities

  • Learn about the technologies used in building highly sophisticated brain-machine interfaces

  • Discover the limitless possibilities that will be unlocked by the convergence of exponential technologies, like, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and brain-machine interfaces

  • Analyze the impact of brain-machine interfaces on societies, and how it will transform the way we share, interpret and collect information

  • Get acquainted with new mediums of expression that will enable humans to experience others’ point-of-view, and relive their imagination in a virtual world

About Nathana Sharma

Nathana is a writer and speaker, active in areas of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and brain-machine interfaces.

She advises technology entrepreneurs, business executives, nonprofit and government leaders on the impact of emerging technologies, and is part of Singularity University’s global network of adjunct faculty.

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