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Singularity University invites you to its webinar

Using Exponential Tech to Reduce the Threat of Nuclear Weapons

About this webinar

Currently nine countries across the world are in possession of about 15,000 nuclear weapons. The threat of nuclear warfare is a very real one, and sadly, a threat which most people feel they cannot effect in any meaningful way. Most of us believe that nuclear non-proliferation is solely in the hands of governments. 

This week, we host Erika Gregory and Paul Carroll from N Square Collaborative who believe that social entrepreneurs and technologists have a major role to play in reducing the threat of nuclear weapons. Erika and Paul will explore ways in which exponential technologies can be used to help. For example, how might blockchain make the nuclear materials supply chain more secure? How might new sensing technology and satellite capabilities enable better monitoring and verification?

In this session, you will learn... 

-What the newest Nobel Peace Prize winner wishes for from social entrepreneurs and tech partners

- How the SU community can reduce the threat that these weapons will ever be used again

-How self-styled “detonation detectives” are using new technologies to crack the code on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program

-How John Oliver depicts the absurdity of our nuclear weapons reality

-What we can learn from the new film Command and Control and the multimedia experience The Bomb, featuring the band The Acid

About N Square 

N Square is a collaboration between the Macarthur Foundation, the Skoll Global threats Fund, the Ploughshares Fund and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Our mission: to build a vibrant, cross sector network of leaders whose collaborative spirit, ingenuity and commitment contribute to the significant reduction of nuclear weapons threat.

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