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How We Can Train Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Make Ethical Decisions

About this event

When faced with the choice of saving the life of the passenger or the pedestrian passing by, how should an autonomous car be programed to act?

In many scenarios, the most logical decision isn’t always the most ethical one, which is why objective decision-making alone in algorithms is not enough.

As machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms become more prevalent in our daily lives, it becomes increasingly important to address the inherent biases and ethical blind spots built into these systems. In fact, when we don’t, we risk unleashing systems that may have far-reaching and disastrous consequences across many areas of society, from medical diagnoses to judicial decisions.

Join Nathana Sharma, as she talks about the importance of designing AI algorithms that are capable of making decisions that are not just rationally correct, but also ethically right.

In this webcast, you will:

  • Unpack implicit biases in artificial intelligence algorithms and in the data they capture.
  • Discover the implications of hidden ethical biases in real-world systems such as self-driving cars, medical diagnoses, and judicial systems.
  • Understand the significance of designing ethical reasoning into artificial intelligence algorithms, and how to balance this with logical reasoning.
  • Learn actionable ways to participate in this critical conversation.

About Nathana Sharma

Nathana is a writer and speaker, active in areas of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and brain-machine interfaces.

She advises technology entrepreneurs, business executives, nonprofit and government leaders on the impact of emerging technologies, and is part of Singularity University’s global network of adjunct faculty.

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