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SLS printout - Q&A session

About this event

“From STL to printout ” is a Q&A webinar a unique chance for you to learn more about the possibilities of SLS 3D printing.

Our Application Engineer will carefully answer your questions which you can send before the webinar (surprise us!) or ask during the webinar. 

For example, you will be able to ask questions on how to prepare your model for SLS 3D printing, what level of accuracy and precision can you get, and how to post-process a printout to get the best quality part. 

This webinar will be helpful for you, 

  • If you hadn’t a chance to print models with SLS technology
  • If you consider SLS technology to be implemented in your company
  • If you had unsatisfactory results with your SLS prints 
  • If you have some doubts about SLS 3D printing 
  • If you want to understand the differences between FDM, SLA, or metal to check if SLS technology is for you 

Why is the Questions and Answers Webinar the best way to learn? 

  • Instead of searching for answers in Google, you can ask experts 
  • You can take advantage of our SLS 3D printing experience - we have printed a lot, for different purposes 
  • We answer all the questions - you can learn also thanks to questions raised by other participants

Register now and save the date: May 18th, 4 PM CEST

Our experts:

  • Michał Niemas - Application Engineer,
  • Jarek Pieniążek - CMO

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jarek Pieniazek CMO @ SINTERIT


Meet our end-to-end SLS 3D printing system. Print any shape without support structures and make use of all kinds of our printing materials.