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SISTA Femtech: the future of contraception

About this event

There's a lot coming up at the moment in the contraception space with the rise of non hormonal products, the return of natural techniques, and the desire for male contraception. To discuss this, we are delighted to welcome 3 great speakers from both the startup and the medical world.

  • Daniela Schardinger, VP Marketing & Medical Affairs at Ocon Healthcare

Ocon Healthcare is an Israeli startup which develops the Ballerine IUB: a safer, more comfortable, hormone-free next generation smart IUD with memory effect.

  • Ljudmila Katchan, Head of Research for OUI by Cirqle Biomedical

Cirqle Biomedical is a Danish startup which is developing OUI, a vaginal capsule that provides effective birth control a minute after insertion without the use of any hormones.

  • Danielle Hassoun, OB-GYN

Danielle Hassoun is a French OB-GYN. Former abortion clinic director, she worked on INSERM's research regarding contraception failures. She's the reference for international NGOs when it comes to training and promoting technologies in reproductive health.

  • Delphine Moulu, volunteer at SISTA Femtech

SISTA is the French non-profit that aims at empowering more women into tech and bridging the funding gap. The SISTA Femtech team is eager to build the first European Femtech community gathering entrepreneurs, investors and doctors.

We organize regular events where we deep dive into specific Femtech segments such as contraception today and sextech or menopause tomorrow so stay tuned 🔥 🔥

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    Sista Team

  • Guest speaker
    Ljudmila Katchan Head Of Research @ Cirqle Biomedical

  • Guest speaker
    Danielle Hassoun OB-GYN

  • Guest speaker
    Daniela Schardinger VP Marketing & Medical Affairs @ OCON Healthcare


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