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Managing an agency during COVID & how to help your clients succeed

About this event

We'll hear from Monte Raynor, CEO at Market Screamer, David B. Wright, President at W3 Group Marketing, and Meghan Wier, Managing Partner at Alux Digital. These pros are handling managing their clients, taking on the role of counselor as well as their agency contact.

Agencies are struggling as their clients struggle. Advertising and other 'outsourced' budgets are the first to go during a time of increased financial stress. Explore how agencies who manage projects big and small are helping their clients succeed and find out what you can do as the world continues in a time of transition.

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  • Team member
    NG T
    Naomi Gaeng Customer Success @ Sked Social

  • Guest speaker
    DW G
    David Wright CEO @ W3Group Marketing

  • Guest speaker
    MR G
    Monte Raynor CEO @ Market Screamer

  • Guest speaker
    MW G
    Meg Wier Managing Partner @ Alux Digital

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