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From 0 to 1000: How the LA Kings Scaled Playoff Content During Peak Season

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Interested in stepping up your content game? We're hosting a must-see webinar called "From 0 to 1000: How the LA Kings Scaled Playoff Content During Peak Season." We're lucky enough to have the LA Kings' Social Media whiz, Alec Palmer, join us as a special guest.

Ever wondered how the Kings manage to engage their fans while producing a staggering amount of content during playoff season? We're going to dive right into that, giving you a front-row seat to their game-winning strategies. This is a brilliant opportunity to get insights from a top-tier industry professional and sharpen your own content creation skills.

So, are you in? Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to learn from the best. Sign up today, and let's score some knowledge together!

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    The Slate Team

    Slate is a team of experienced social content & brand marketing professionals who left brand and agency life to start the platform we wished we had. Slate was born out of our own experiences to solve the problems that we faced.

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    Bailey Hand Marketing Specialist @ Slate

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    Alec Palmer Social Media Manager @ LA Kings

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    Jasveena Sahota Social & Content Manager @ Slate


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