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Navigating the Knowledge Maze: Strategies for Effective Knowledge Base Organization

About this event

Join our immersive webinar on knowledge base organization with guest speakers Niall Thomas from Zendesk and Christianne Beasley from Getty Images.

We'll explore strategies for navigating the knowledge maze, effective knowledge base structuring, and other best practices, so you can expect to learn:

  • How to effectively structure a knowledge base
  • Strategies to optimize documentation search
  • Tips for seamless knowledge sharing
  • Best practices for information management
  • Practical guidance to unlock your knowledge base's full potential

We look forward to sharing all our knowledge management insights with you!

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  • Guest speaker
    Niall Thomas Senior Manager, Advocacy Internal Knowledge @ Zendesk

    I'm a seasoned professional specializing in knowledge management within energy, telecoms, and SaaS. With 10+ years of expertise in training, quality, and customer experience, coupled with 8 years focused on knowledge management, I optimize knowledge assets for operational efficiency and enhanced customer engagement. My customer service training foundation facilitates effective knowledge management system implementation.

  • Guest speaker
    Christianne Beasley Principal, Knowledge Management @ Getty Images

    I am librarian-turned-knowledge manager with nearly two decades of experience managing print and digital collections at public libraries, special collections, and technology companies. The one constant in my career - besides a lot of alphabetizing! - has been to encourage access to information in new and innovative ways. I lead the Enterprise Knowledge Management program for the global team at Getty Images.

  • Team member
    Anouk van Tuinen Head of Customer Success @ Slite

    I've been in B2B SaaS for the past 7 years, setting up and leading Customer Success and Support teams. I'm a big advocate for good factual documentation, to allow folks on my team to be their authentic selves while working with customers and approach challenges in a way that fits them.


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